All In One Solar Street Lamp 60 Watt

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16 Mar 2023
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Specification of All In One Solar Street Lamp 60 Watt

All In One 60 Watt Solar Power PJU

Product Description PJU All In One 60 Watt

Our 60 Watt All In One Solar Street Light Package uses a 60 Watt DC Super Bright LED which is equipped with an IP65 waterproof and rust resistant casing making it suitable for outdoor lighting needs. Our All In One Street Light uses a 12V / 40Ah Lithium Battery and a 20 Ampere Controller that has been embedded into one in the lamp housing. As a center for selling all in one lamps in Surabaya, Krisna Energi provides 60 Watt All In One PJU lamps with the following product specifications and advantages:

Completeness or Product Specifications All In One 60 Watt Solar Power PJU

Multi LED All In One Superbright 60 watt DC, Equipped with IP 65 stainless case

Solar Cell Module 18V 80 Watt

20 Ampere controller

Lithium Battery 12V 40A

7 Meter Galvanized Round Pole

The Advantages of All In One Solar PJU Products

The use of solar power systems to save electricity and be environmentally friendly

Use of sensor control technology

To backup or extend battery life

Installation is very convenient and easy

Water Resistant and Anti Rust

Safe and Reliable

This 60 watt All In One Solar Cell Street light is very energy efficient and very bright, equipped with a motion sensor that is useful for longer lamp life, our All In One lamp is able to illuminate the road with a pole height of 7 - 8 meters. This All In One street lamp is suitable for general street lighting and as a garden lamp.

We also provide a wide range of Solar Power PJU with the best quality,

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